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Scott Looney, solo piano +  Christoph Irmer,
Matthew Goodheart,
Dina Emerson, and Shoko Hikage

October 23, 2004
Doors @ 7:30 PM
Show @ 8:00 PM
Donations Accepted


The Jazz House is located at 3192 Adeline Street in Berkeley, a half block southwest of the Ashby BART.  (Please note there is an incorrect Adeline Street in Oakland.)

The Jazz House is a small, non-descript warehouse located next to the police station where Martin Luther King and Adeline Street meet.  A blue light and a peculiar "Ant" sign reside above the entrance.

German improvising violinist Christoph Irmer will be playing in a quartet with Matthew Goodheart (piano), Dina Emerson (voice) and Shoko Hikage (koto). Scott Looney, solo piano.

About Matthew Goodheart:
Pianist and composer Matthew Goodheart has been trained in both jazz and classical idioms, and has also pursued studies in traditional West-African and Afro-Cuban folk music. His work ranges from open-form improvisational structures to fully notated chamber pieces. He has also worked with many prominent artists, including Cecil Taylor, George Lewis, Glenn Spearman, Raphe Malik, Lisle Ellis, Chris Brown, Annea Lockwood and Christian Wolff. He has performed the works of John Cage, Morton Feldman, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Alvin Curran.

About Dina Emerson:
Dina Emerson, native of Santa Barbara, CA, lived & worked in NYC from 1988-2000, and moved to the SF bay area in 2002. Since age 16, when she first heard the recordings of Meredith Monk, Robert Ashley and other cross-disciplinary artists, Dina has avidly pursued to integrate the separate media into performances that is are at once installation, concert and theatrical event. Originally trained in theater, Dina began her serious study and exploration of voice after graduating from Bennington College in 1988 and moving to Brooklyn. She subsequently became a fixture in the New Music and Interdisciplinary Performance world of New York, joining the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble in 1990 and remaining a member until the present. With Meredith Monk and others, Dina has toured The US, Europe and Asia and performed at the SF Symphony, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Theatre de l'Odeon in Paris and many other venues.

In 2000, Dina was invited to replace the lead singer temporarily in the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil production, "O," at Bellagio in Las Vegas. This position was extended into a full-time contract when Dina moved to Cirque's other resident Las Vegas show, "Mystere." Dina stayed with Cirque du Soleil until January, 2002 & she continues to return as a sub for them when needed.

About Shoko Hikage:
Shoko Hikage studied the koto with Chizuga Kimura, Seiga Adachi and Shizuga Adachi of the Ikuta Ryu Sokyoku Seigen Kai. In 1988, She graduated from Takasaki College with a major in koto music, and was immediately accepted as a special research student in Sawai Sokyoku In under Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai, where she subsequently received her master's certificate. In 1992, she moved to Honolulu to teach at the Sawai Koto Kai Hawaii. Currently she is an artist in residence at the JCCCNC where she teaches koto and furthers her interest in improvisational dance and music. First solo original compositions & improvisations CD released on 1997.

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