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the I.C.E Series

First Wednesdays!
Doors @ 7:30 PM
Experiment @ 8:00 PM
$5 Donation

Andrew Wilshusen


The Jazz House is located at 3192 Adeline Street in Berkeley, a half block southwest of the Ashby BART.  (Please note there is an incorrect Adeline Street in Oakland.)

The Jazz House is a small, non-descript warehouse located next to the police station where Martin Luther King and Adeline Street meet.  A blue light and a peculiar "Ant" sign reside above the entrance.

About the I.C.E. Series:
The Jazz House has collaborated with local drummer Andrew Wilshusen in creating this conceptual music series. 

The first Wednesday of every month is dedicated to exploring themes improvisationally in a music environment.  This Improvised Composition Experiment takes a page from improv theatre, as all in attendance are encouraged to come up with themes and various combinations of musicians to “perform” the themes. 

Bring your instrument and become part of the experiment.  Everyone who wants to play will get a chance. 

About the Host, Andrew Wilshusen:
Andrew Wilshusen began playing the drums when he was ten, and it’s hard to believe he’s only 27 now.  Although he studied the drums academically from elementary school through college, his interests lie in a broader exploration of rhythm and sound that he finds ubiquitous in life. 

His love for drumming has been influenced by such drumming luminaries as Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Ed Blackwell, Mitch Mitchell, Milford Graves, Han Bennink and Tony Oxley.  His ergonomic fluidity and energetic enthusiasm combined with his knowledgeable and assiduous ears have made him an in-demand drummer in the San Francisco bay area, playing with artists such as Eddie Gale, Jim Ryan’s Forward Energy, the CKW trio and James Armstrong, Jr. 

His drumming has been referred to as heart-felt, communicative, explosive and highly imaginative.

Visit Andrew Wilshusen's website.